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I Love 'Bigg Boss,' And Here Are 8 Reasons Why I Refuse to Be Judged


Calling all Bigg Boss crazies! Should we call them secret admirers? Here's a heartfelt message for all those Bigg Boss fans who don't want to say it in public that they enjoy watching the show. The terror of being judged, getting your intelligence called into question, and being chastised for your viewing choices can be exhausting. Read about Bigg Boss 15 Mx Player.

If you display your enthusiasm for this hugely popular form of reality television, you'll almost certainly be exposed to an interrogation: "How do you continue to watch all this crap?" Why don't you sit down and watch something entertaining? Let me suggest some Netflix shows to watch; I am certain that this will help you realize the importance of watching good content. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah bla This relentless commentary irritates me to no end.

It gets to the stage that you'd rather confess that yes, you do watch the show and that you like it! For all those who criticize you for watching Bigg Boss, here's what they need to hear about why it's the ideal guilty pleasure.

1. We like it because it reminds us of how phony the universe can be.

2. It appeals to us because it allows us to see more of Salman Khan and less of his acting. On the channel, the actor is an unapologetic version of himself, and it's fun to watch him slam contestants on "Weekend Ka Vaar."

3. We like it not because of the uncalled brawls, but because it makes us realize that we can't stoop to the same degree of absurdity as the contestants.

4. It's entertaining to watch and it shows us how not to be. We feel better for ourselves as a result of it!

5. A demonstration on how we shouldn't be concerned about bullies in our lives. Nothing could be more frustrating than being alone in the same house as your bully for three months.

6. We like it because it allows us to see celebrities in their normal state. Particularly when you see them on national television insulting each other. It reveals a great deal about them.

7. We like it because we recognize that we are among the world's most patient people, capable of tolerating any amount of nonsense, come what may.

8. It's one of our favorites because it's a no-brainer film. There's no convoluted storyline, no narrative arc, no hidden clues; it's just mindless television that you watch while enjoying your dinner after a long day of work.